Discover the story behind your food with our traceable supply chain, ensuring quality from farm to market.

Sourcing top-quality produce, such as fruits and vegetables, can be a challenging task due to natural fluctuations in crop yields. This unpredictability also presents traceability challenges for companies involved in buying and selling produce, as data is often provided in different formats by various supply chain partners and the introduction of new interfaces can be inefficient.

However, modern supply chains for fresh produce are expected to provide traceability, allowing for the tracking of products from the source to the market or the association of production information with the product. There are also significant opportunities to improve supply chain performance through better traceability, which is where integrating technology into our daily operations can be helpful.

Our four-step mantra to guarantee traceability of our produce

Research & Planning

We determine the specifications for your product based on the latest European Union standards and norms. We work with and pass this information on to our farmers. We also ensure that the maximum nutritive value and taste of the fruit is maintained and that it meets Good Agricultural Practices.

Growth & Quality

Our farmers are trained and guided by our agronomist on parameters such as Brix, taste, size, and MRL levels, and we strictly follow Good Agricultural Practices during every stage of farming.

Procurement & Packing

We use technology to manage our agri supply chain, from crop procurement and harvesting to labelling and packaging, and we prioritise labour management as well.

Shipping & Traceability

Our top priority in traceability is to delight our consumers through faster and more precise identification of implicated produce. This allows our customers to save time on documentation by receiving advance information on the details of each shipment they are about to receive.


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